Welcome to My Website!

My Name is Jerry Wheeler

I am a singer, trombonist & hammered dulcimer player.
I work as a publications specialist/graphic artist
and find peace & serenity as a folk dancer.

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It is Autumn already! Wait! What?

I really need to update this website more than once a season. Or, not. We shall see.

Summer was awesome. I went camping in the local mountains, swimming in the Pacific Ocean, and shooting hoops at some of the most beautiful public courts in the world . . . 

Summer 2019

San Gabriel Mountains

Cabrillo Beach

Hoops at Angel's Gate Park

James Reese Europe tribute Concert Image Remember that recording and record release concert I did with the Americus Brass Band?
Well, they both went very well there were a couple of really good reviews from very contrasting sources I am quite pleased to report.
The first review is of the concert and appeared on the The United States World War One Centennial Commission's website, was written by Bill Betten, California WW1 Centennial Task Force Co-Director, and can be found here.

The other review was about the recording and appeared on the website Black Grooves, Reviews of New Black Music Releases hosted by the Archives of African American Music & Culture and and can be found here.

And, another thing . . .

. . . I did indeed have the honor of performing a handful of times with the locally obcsure CHERRYWILLOW JAZZ BAND at the wonderfully spiffy and rejuvanating CURLEY'S CAFÉ in SIGNAL HILL in LONG BEACH in CALIFORNIA in the good ol' U.S. of A. over the course of the summer and early autumn. As soon as I know when next we'll colaborate, I will let you know, Shirley.

Here's photographic evidence of the last time that I performed there (October 18, 2019) when I had the great pleasure of sharing the limelight with my dear old friend Gary Gould on clarimanet and his ol' flame Nancy showed up and graced us with a vocal or two, too. It was a delightful evening.

The CherryWillow Jazz Band as they performed on Friday, October 18, 2019

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Poxy Boggards images masthead

The Poxy Boggards . . .

Had a fan-fuckin-tastic Spring and Summer! In early Autumn the Boggards sans me performed at the Idyllwild Renaissance Faire where though the crowds were small, a grand time was still had by all. I hope to join me comrades there next year.

We are still cranking out new tunes for an imminent album release at a spurious pace these days, so please check out our PATREON website doohickey on a regular basis, so you don't miss any of our latest shenanigans. HUZZAH!

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From 2012 through 2014,
I had the great opportunity to be a member
of the house band on the Eric Andre Show.

Here's a highlight with Henry Rollins:

I was a founding member of the Traditional Jazz (Dixieland) band THE DIXIEDELICS from its inception in 1990 until I left the band at the end of 2012. Martha Catlin replaced me when I left and that has always made me happy. (Her husband Tim and I are members of the AMERICUS BRASS BAND and he was the 'DELICS's drummer for a number of years before I quit to try my hand at contra dance producing.)

Even though the following clip has three subs (clarinet, banjo, piano), it is still a fine example of the band's playing and it features me singing a song I love to sing. I hope you like it . . .

Steve Kraus, cornet; Jerry Wheeler, trombone & vocals; Gary Gould, reeds;
Bob Aul, tuba; Doug Mattocks, banjo; Larry Wright, piano; Tim Catlin, drums

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About my Pops, Gerald Francis Wheeler Senior

Please, check back regularly and join me on this journey.
Peace. Love. Dirt.

Photo taken by Sonya Sones of Jerry at the Fiddling Frog Contra Dance Camp 2014 in Pasadena, California  Keith Haring's Heart #1 from his Untitled Heart 1984  Jerry in a 1800s Garb at Point Loma  Adorable 5-Year Old Jerry, black and white with light blue eyes Jerry Plays an F-Alto Trombone in 2005

Jerry Wheeler
Musician, Graphic Artist, Dancer, Occasional Dance Producer,
Provocateur & Novice Web Designer

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